Insights into floating and its benefits

The best journeys are not always in straight lines.

29 July


One of my favourite Australian comedians is Steve Hughes. Steve’s gigs bring together a broad mix of people. Left, right, upside down, the works. It was during one of his gigs a few months ago where I made the ‘it’s time’ decision to open a float centre.

I also gained an appreciation of Steve’s craft. That craft being the ability to drop an audience in to a space that allows a different perspective be heard, circled around and digested. Done in a way that doesn’t always directly threaten a belief system and can bring about deeper awareness. Like part of the role of a shaman. It made me think. Perhaps the modern day shaman and shamaness within our culture are like plain clothed police officers…acting on behalf of the law/lore and mingling among us in disguise from main stream perception of what a shaman should look like and where you will find them. Are you more likely to come across a shaman sitting at the table next to you enjoying a meal at the local bowlo or under a rock in the outback? (No doubt however, that the shaman IS under the rock while consuming their sweet & sour pork with the sound of the pokies pinging away in the background…) Anyway, I have digressed!

As I sat laughing at Steve I felt an all over body YES moment. A parting of the sea. Tingling with confirmation. Yes, to working alongside other people who are delivering understanding via creative ways and nurturing them. Yes, to stepping up and in to promoting peace, healing and inspiration on a level I have not operated on before. Yes, to it being the right time to open up a float centre, which will help me achieve all of the above and will help me on my own personal journey.

It feels all of my life I have been playing a game of trivial pursuit. Collecting different coloured wedges from the different roles I have played and slotting them in to my playing piece. These roles all preparing me for the present and giving me appropriate skills needed for the next leg of the track. Some experiences including; studying community welfare. Becoming an enrolled nurse and specialising in rehabilitation nursing. Being an exhibiting autodidact artist & VJ. Working in various customer service roles, managing small to large businesses, organising events and managing a band in NYC (OK band meeting. Bret? Jemaine?). Recording binaural nature sounds, studying energetic healing methods, learning Shirodhara at The Kerala Ayurvedic health college in India (pictured above) and even selling bath salts at Glebe markets. I have traveled extensively and been touched by nature from all parts of the globe. I have met intriguing people along the way, which has all shaped my web. This quote seems to sum it up “The best journeys are not always in straight lines”.

As I walked away from Steve’s gig, with a warm belly from all of the laughter, I thought about my varied roles. It was clear how important they were and how an aspect of each linked to my current venture. I felt highly excited, enthusiastic and ready to take on this next project in my life. To this day I still feel that same level of excitement I did that night at the gig.