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First time floater? Start with the Intro pack. Why? Because it takes most people 3-5 floats to really feel comfortable in the tank. First floats can yield two results – people come out feeling like it was the most amazing thing they have ever experienced and others feel like they have missed something!  

Just a taste


60 minute float

If you find after your single float, and before you leave Cocoon on the day of your float, that you would like to opt in to a membership package and take advantage of a better rate, we will reduce your single float rate to that of the package you choose. Right on!

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Frequent Floater Program



per float

Reap the benefits of constant floating in your life! Perks;

Share your floats with one other person

Upgrade/downgrade at any time

Complimentary footspa

If no one is booked in after you, float for as long as you like!

Any remaining credits valid for 12 months after cancellation of membership.

FREE floats with our Sister Float City, Portland, Oregon, USA, at Float on!  

Direct debit monthly, 3 month commitment

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x3 60min float package (Beginner’s start here also)


We recommend floating no more than a fortnight apart.
 x3 60 minute floats

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More on first time floats.

Generally the first few floats will all be different. It usually takes 3-5 floats to easily enter deeper states of relaxation. During your first float, your body is acclimatising to the salty float tank environment. Usually by your third-fifth float, your body and mind will be familiar with the float tank and you will see and feel the significant benefits that floating offers. This offers you the best chance to know if floating is something you feel will benefit you. (We doubt it won’t.)