Attention seekers of personal spiritual truth.

Are you yearning for a framework that gives you access to deep spiritual wisdom where you are empowered by being your own teacher? Do you want to take your float practice to the next level? Have you always wondered what your power/spirit/totem animal is? Have you perhaps had metaphysical experiences involving our natural world that have left you wondering what they were about? 

If we haven’t met, my name is Megan and I am a shamanic practitioner. Shamanism holds the knowing that we are deeply connected to nature and is a path to knowledge via the inward journey and is something I can teach you. This way of being holds a universal framework and is one of the oldest tribal healing traditions of indigenous people, found in many different cultures worldwide. Shamanism includes the belief that the natural world has two aspects: ordinary everyday awareness, formed by our habitual behaviours, patterns of belief, social norms, cultural conditioning, and a second non-ordinary awareness.

The shamanic journey is one of our most ancient forms of meditation. It is the art of travelling to the invisible worlds, by altering our consciousness through classic shamanic non-drug techniques such as rattling or drumming, beyond ordinary reality to retrieve information for knowledge, healing and transformation thus allowing us to view life and life’s problems from a detached, spiritual perspective, not easily achieved in a state of ordinary consciousness. 

There are 3 worlds within the shamanic framework. The upper, middle and lower worlds. We journey to the lower world to meet with our power animals, the upper world to meet with our human form teachers and the middle world is where our ancestor spirits, nature spirits, ‘ghosts’ & elementals reside. We will be working with the upper and lower world only in our basic courses. These courses are highly experiential. The tools I give you will enable you to journey on your own in and out of the float tank. In my personal experience, journeying in the tank while listening to drumming is profound. I ideally would like to give you the tools I use so you can independently claim your personal power. If you are looking at me to give you answers, you will be greatly disappointed. I am interested in keeping you in your power as I wish to remind you of your rightful spiritual heritage. 

Does it mean we are Shaman by learning these tools? No! However, we can use the tools the Shaman has in her toolkit for the inwards journey.

Offerings and Beginners Shamanic Courses

Practices of the Shaman

Basic Course Part 1Meet your power animal

No experience necessary for this course. 

We will create the circle together honouring the four directions and you will call in your power animals before we begin to journey. For your first journey, you will get comfortable with journeying to the lower world first. You will then journey with the intention of meeting your core power animal and perhaps it will have things to communiate with you. You will merge with it in this journey also. Our other journeys on night 1, and on night 2, will be advised on the night depending upon your experiences on night 1.

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 Testimonial from John Butler speaking about his journeying experience with me.