All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination? Carl Jung

Open to visual artists working in all media.


O sonho :: Daniel McCabe

We designed the Cocoon Creative-in-Residence barter program to keep the sharing economy wheels in motion. We also wish to acknowledge and nurture who we value highly in our community, the creative.


An artist in a float tank is like our beloved over sized fiberglass fruit ‘tourist attractions’ in regional towns, it just works!

We give selected artists two free 60 minute floats within a two week period in exchange for the creation of a small piece of artwork afterwards, based on the artists experience.  The idea of the program is to focus on nurturing the artist and their process. Potentially the work could appear on our work tees and be used to promote floating and Cocoon.

Apply here.

Step 1) Read through the contract here Cocoon Artist Contract (We will sign this together in person if you have been selected.)

Step 2) If the contract looks good to you, then complete this form Cocoon CIR Application and send via email to float@cocoonfloatation.com.au


 Moving Image

‘EMPTY’ from James Kates on Vimeo.