Laughs from the tank

4 hours in a float tank
Our first and only comedian-in-residence so far has done us proud. We gave Stu Macpherson from Gong comedy four 1 hour floats and he has made a show out of it and is taking it to this years Sydney Fringe comedy festival.

Image supplied by Stu & not the tanks we use btw. Stu’s words;

Why 4 Hours in a Float Tank?

60 minutes in a float tank is one of the most peaceful things anyone can experience. Truly awesome. But how could such a relaxing experience produce a show with such a cynical, finger-pointing outlook?

It’s simple.  To get the most out of a mind that is both brilliant and scattered by years of ‘altering’, four 1 hour sessions in the float tank provides the perfect way to get all the synapses firing in the correct order. What came out once the door was opened was this well written and carefully crafted show.

Stu is a man whose opinions matter.  That he makes you laugh while giving you those opinions is an added bonus.