Insights into floating and its benefits

Float tanks now in Wollongong

05 January

CocoonFloatationWell our doors opened on the 1st Nov 2013 and what a response we have had so far. People are having all sorts of varying experiences from the elimination of chronic back pain (in 1 float) to unstoppable out loud laughter and pure euphoria. I have seen the benefits of floating for myself over the years and to see that other people are reaping benefits also is such an amazing gift.

Floating allows you to access your true self, your deep self. Why? Because there are no forced external distractions at all. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Bupkis. Just you and when you access your inner world, remarkable things happen. It is only through direct experience that this can be fully appreciated and understood.

It is certainly not a job running the Cocoon and manifesting my dream has proven that words and thoughts hold much power. Anything is possible, if I can do this imagine what you can do.

When we are seeking what brings us bliss in life and are constantly stepping into who we truly are and are forever becoming whole, then this is big. We are onto something and that something is changing the world.  If we incorporate our unique skills/gifts into an offering of service to our community (our ‘job’) then nothing short of magic occurs. Things fall into place very easily and the rewards that come from living and breathing your purpose are soul enriching and heart warming.

On that note go forth and follow your dreams. Nurture them. This is what the world truly needs.

If we can be of service, our float tanks are waiting for you.

Peace and floats.