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Our big change!

13 March

My Dearest Members, Frequent and Casual floaters, I am excited to share with you that Cocoon will be expanding! We have outgrown our current location and there are new opportunities that await us. I will be offering new tanks and doubling in size. It has been deeply satisfying building Cocoon from nothing and doing everything […]

Wordsmith Candy Royalle as Writer-in-Residence

26 February

In partnership with Wollongong Writers Festival (WWF), Cocoon Floatation has established a floating writer-in-residence program. Each year, WWF selects a writer from their line up to receive two free floats in exchange for producing a piece of work to be donated back to WWF and Cocoon Floatation. The 2015 Wollongong Writers Festival Cocoon Floatation Writer-in-Residence was […]

John Lennon overcomes heroin with the use of a float tank

03 September

NEW YORK (AP) _ John Lennon kicked a heroin habit with the help of a sensory-deprivation tank and felt as healthy as he’d ever felt in the weeks before his murder, according to a new biography. Lennon kicked the debilitating habit in 1979 with self-discipline and a cedarwood box filled with a warm saline solution in […]

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Portland and Wollongong Sister Float cities!

24 April

United over our love of floating and oxytocin release via full strength hugs, Float on and Cocoon Floatation have joined arms to bring you this awesome offering!

Floating The Triathlete

07 March

    “I train sometimes 7 days a week up to twice a day while racing season is in full swing and making sure I take good care of myself is important so I can continue to race at full capacity.   Since floating pre and post race I find my muscles are far less […]

Let’s float

02 February

Shining Bird frontman Dane Taylor creates this incredible tune for our Musician-in-Residence program. Dane spent some time inside our floatation tanks in exchange for this dreamy track. Give it a listen!

Why I gave up the boozin’ and got into floatin’!

13 November

This warehouse party was one of the greatest parties Sydney had ever seen at the time. It was a special time in Sydney for this alternative music scene and it felt so soulfully freeing. Not the next day however. It was hardly a rave or a riot but you know, it was The Telegraph! Around […]