Here we are

Our Studio

meganandtheperrysIn the heart of Wollongong is The Illawarra’s first floatation tank, also known as a sensory deprivation tank, centre with 4 float tanks. We provide an atmosphere that is open, warm and extremely calm. We offer a highly personalised service and we take the time to debrief pre and post float with you. We pride ourselves on being a nurturing,  safe space where people can relieve pain, relax their mind and body and completely switch off from the everyday.

You can proudly float in our apollo tanks as they are made in Australia! We tested nearly every tank on the market in Aus & the US before concluding the apollo to be the most comfortable tank for the avid floater. Why do we feel it best to offer you this tank? The water is heated constantly from underneath so you can float for hours and hours (as some of our floaters do) and stay warm without needing to run the filter/pump to heat the water. The length of the tank is 2.1 metres from the inside.

We contribute to community programs and align with other businesses who through their work contribute to raising consciousness, are promoting arts and culture and positive health and healing within our community.

Whether you realise it or not, you are joining me on my journey of self exploration while slowing down and healing. Cocoon is my place of business and it is also my own sacred sanctuary.

Photo: Glenn and Lee Perry in a dark float room.

Our Staff

msMegan Sproats – Head Float Coach & Founder

Looking back, Megan was an only child with parents that worked 7 days a week. This fabulous arrangement meant she spent a lot of time alone in the bush and in the waters of St Georges Basin & Jervis Bay. Time in isolation has long been an essential part of her life. Then she found the isolation tank…Megan has been floating for 13 years and can usually be found with salt on her clothes. She was completely sold on floating from her very first float and she holds a strong vision –  the float tank is a tool for humanity.

Megan has found herself in a wide variety of roles and experiences to date some include; being a rehabilitation nurse, managing a trip-hop band in NYC, exhibiting as an autodidact artist and VJ to binding Argos catalogs in Edinburgh. (You know I’m writing this about myself don’t you..)

“Some years ago I experienced a life-altering soul awakening. Taking a sabbatical from working life for a few years, I spent this time questioning my reality, undoing my not-so-helpful conditioning, healing, floating and doing what fulfils me the most – being with and observing nature. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to positive personal and community growth and hold enthusiastic passion for encouraging others to realise their own true genius. I also appreciate if you ‘go towards the light’ you have homework. That is, to use the light to lovingly illuminate your own darkness/traumas/inner beasts. This process IS what turns lead into gold, with the float tank being the perfect tool to assist. And just like the ancient Greeks, I welcome with open arms all gods, faiths, beliefs and hipsters in to the Cocoon studio.”

Catherine Schmitt – Sweet Float Facilitator

Catherine first came to float at Cocoon on her 24th birthday. After her float, I asked if she would like to work alongside me. The rest is history.

Catherine brings light bright energy into the Cocoon that is infectious. She can whip out an animal fact at any time, she has depth, is kind and nothing is ever a problem in regard to making sure you feel comfortable and taken care of.

Along with being an artist Catherine plays a few instruments. She has worked in various roles in quite a few fields; from Marketing Co-ordinator to Graphic Designer, and now, a Floatation guide.

“The first time I floated I knew it was the start of something; something new and profound. Since that first float in March 2017 I have continued to float weekly, it has become a part of me and my way of living. I was astounded at how something so simple could help you feel so amazing and pain free.”


Words from our precious peers 

“Megan Sproats is like an eagle, soaring high on the wind, looking out towards the horizon and the majestic future that awaits her. She has brought floating to the people of Australia, and continues to spread its good word throughout the land. She would probably be unanimously declared the High Magistrate of Floatation, if such a position existed.” Ashkahn Jahromi, Float on, USA.

“Thank you for being such a bright, shining, positive and passionate leader in the Australian float community. You are one in a million Megan”. Rebecca Houghton, Weeded Warrior.

“I had the pleasure of Cocoon just once, at the time I was in the planning stages of creating my own Dream. I have created that space & I am inspired by Cocoons energy & Megan’s passion and inspiration. So thank you Megan for your warmth, and beautiful spirit.” Stacey Boyan.