A gift for you during lockdown

Nature sounds from our bathroom

I had an idea to offer you something as an extension of Cocoon that may help you in finding tranquility while replenishing yourself. Some background about what I wish to give. The nature sounds you hear in our bathroom are actually 3D and were recorded by me and mixed and mastered by my ex-husband who is the brilliant sound scientist, Dr Guillaume Potard.

We called ourselves ‘Somatic Sounds’ and our CD was sold in treasured independent bookstores. The technique we used to produce the sounds is known as binaural recording. This way of recording captures the sounds along with spatial auditory cues that enable your brain to hear in 3D. You will hear the sounds exactly as if you are present at the recording site when you listen through headphones, which give the full 3D effect. The better quality the headphones the better the 3D effect.

We recorded sounds from as far north as The Daintree Rainforest along the East Coast to Eden and inland NSW. It was a 2 year period of gathering sounds for this album sometimes walking for hours to avoid sound pollution.
Praise be, it was Gui who introduced me to floating 15 years ago while being a base ingredient in my life’s recipe and we made the decision to walk different paths 6 months after I started Cocoon. We also stopped distributing the album. 

It feels the right time to release again thinking about you while Cocoon is closed and with Gui’s permission, we would love to offer you the album as a gift.

Knowing sound can be a powerful healing modality along with you aurally associating these sounds with Cocoon will add another dimension of relaxation for you I feel.

I send my love and this immersive odyssey your way. Megan x