• New to floating?

    Start here by downloading our beginner’s guide to see what you have to look forward to!

  • What is floating?

    Floating is a safe nurturing way to unplug from a hectic over stimulated world in order to achieve deep mental and physical relaxation.  

  • Why float?

    There are a whole range of benefits, which last for several days past the float itself. The more often you float, the stronger the benefits become.

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What our valued clients are saying about us

  • What a fantastic experience my first float in 20 years was. 1 hour seemed like 10 minutes. I let my mind take me where it would and what I experienced was almost a life review. I am managing depression and I left the tank feeling almost reborn. Thank you to Megan for the hospitality. 

    Shaune, Wollongong
  • My first float certainly won’t be my last. I’ve never felt anything like it in my life – Megan is a lovely soul who made the experience A+. Love love loved it!

  • Fantastic! Great location, peaceful and relaxed atmosphere inside and everything is geared to providing an amazing experience. Megan is extremely friendly and welcoming which will help newbies quickly get settled and make the most of their experience.

    Andy, Nowra
  • I have to say Megan, that was one awesome experience. I am buzzing with a relaxed energy that is so refreshing and peaceful. My thoughts are calm and my body feels great. I can totally see how coming back again would be more beneficial to me. I have thanked my wife repeatedly for giving me this gift.

    Courtney, Wollongong
  • Loved the whole experience, from the lovely greeting by Megan with a relaxing cup of tea. The rooms are beautiful and spotlessly clean, and everything arranged nicely. The float was awesome, it was my first float and I thought I’d be bored, but that wasn’t the case at all, that hour flew past.

    Brenda, Engadine
  • Enjoyed my first float. Strange initially, but relaxed , got over the eerie darkness and went on to a euphoric feeling. Time ended and didn’t feel bored, claustrophobic etc .

    Jim, Wollongong
  • Dear Megan, Thank you so much for your caring support & love of me yesterday. I do appreciate all that you did so I can float in the future!

    Roslyn, Wollongong
  • Felt completely connected to the experience. The float was relaxing and gave me so much clarity. Mind and body benefited from my first float today. It was 100% the first float of many to come

    Hayley, Wollongong
  • Cocoon floatation was incredible. If you’re into yoga or meditation or really just need to relax, I think this would be a great experience for you. I can’t wait to do it again! thank you for an amazing afternoon.

    Olivia, Berkeley
  • Just wanted to say a big, gracious thank you for yesterday! I had an ace time and cannot wait to jump back in the tank. You make the experience infinitely more enjoyable as well – you’re like a float shaman!  

    Renee, Wollongong
  • I had the pleasure of Cocoon just once, at the time I was in the planning stages of creating my own Dream. I have created that space & I am inspired by Cocoons energy & Megan’s passion and inspiration. So thank you Megan for your warmth, and beautiful spirit.

    Stacey, Sydney
  • Wonderful experience, it relaxed me for 2 days so chilled I would recommend it to anyone. Give it a go.

    Karon, Keiraville
  • I absolutely loved my first float, I cannot believe I was able to truly relax. I’ve never been able to completely empty my mind and relax, until today. I’m blown away! THANK YOU.

    Nelly, Wollongong
  • I have never thought that clearly before. I looked at all of my relationships and could see how to improve them. My 3yr old daughter and I clash and I could see why and how to change that.

    Mitch, Ingleburn
  • During the float I’ve been everywhere, that’s what I think at least. I was in another world and it was relaxing and very special. Perfect!

    Jan, Mangerton
  • Each time I enter this space I am filled with an overwhelming sense of calm. My experiences are profound. Cocoon is undeniably key to understanding my true whole self. Megan, you are amazing.

    Susan, Fairy Meadow
  • I was in a truck rollover and was in a fair amount of pain. I floated and was sceptical but I can say that is no more. I no longer had the feeling of a metal rod being shoved down my spine and I can move a lot more freely.

    PC, Tarrawanna
  • Amazing: Thank you! Incredibly surreal and transformative. Such a subtle, peaceful experience, yet powerfully cleansing and restorative. I enjoyed a restful afternoon and am awaiting an incredible slumber this evening! Cannot wait to come back, I’ll be a regular no doubt about it.

    Natalya, Windang
  • So so relaxing! Like being enveloped in a warm cloud. Cannot find the words to express my total calmness. Have already booked another session – can’t wait to go back! Also, a luxurious & professional service. Thick fluffy robes, divine-smelling shampoo & body wash.

    Natalie, Wollongong