• New to floating?

    Start here by downloading our beginner’s guide to see what you have to look forward to!

  • What is floating?

    Floating is a safe nurturing way to unplug from a hectic over stimulated world in order to achieve deep mental and physical relaxation.  

  • Why float?

    There are a whole range of benefits, which last for several days past the float itself. The more often you float, the stronger the benefits become.

Floatation in the media

Learn more about floatation, and meet the people who swear by it!

  • Float Nation

    Float Nation

    Float Nation is a full-length documentary that provides an inside look into the world of flotation tanks.

  • Today Tonight Feature

    Today Tonight Feature

    A look at a diverse range of people who use the float tank in Adelaide including Amanda Allen, Australian Crossfit champion.

  • Sensory Deprivation

    Sensory Deprivation

    Medical practitioner, Dr Weissman, has been floating since 1986 and he speaks about the benefits and how he finds floating.

  • Joe Rogan

    US comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan speaks about his experiences with the float tank.    

  • Dr Roderick Borrie

    Dr. Rod Borrie, psychologist, who is heading the Fibromyalgia Flotation Project answers the question why float?


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What our valued clients are saying about us

  • I have never thought that clearly before. I looked at all of my relationships and could see how to improve them. My 3yr old daughter and I clash and I could see why and how to change that.

    Mitch, Ingleburn. 10/7/2015
  • During the float I’ve been everywhere, that’s what I think at least. I was in another world and it was relaxing and very special. Perfect!

    Jan, Mangerton, 9/5/2015
  • Each time I enter this space I am filled with an overwhelming sense of calm. My experiences are profound. Cocoon is undeniably key to understanding my true whole self. Megan, you are amazing.

    Susan, Fairy Meadow, 10/4/15
  • I was in a truck rollover and was in a fair amount of pain. I floated and was sceptical but I can say that is no more. I no longer had the feeling of a metal rod being shoved down my spine and I can move a lot more freely.

    PC, Tarrawanna, 6/2/15
  • Amazing: Thank you! Incredibly surreal and transformative. Such a subtle, peaceful experience, yet powerfully cleansing and restorative. I enjoyed a restful afternoon and am awaiting an incredible slumber this evening! Cannot wait to come back, I’ll be a regular no doubt about it.

    Natalya, Windang, 26/2/15
  • So so relaxing! Like being enveloped in a warm cloud. Cannot find the words to express my total calmness. Have already booked another session – can’t wait to go back! Also, a luxurious & professional service. Thick fluffy robes, divine-smelling shampoo & body wash.

    Natalie, Wollongong, 13/12/14
  • Megan, your space is very tranquil and quite beautiful and your gentle, reassuring presence added to the feeling of comfort and peace.

    Jan, Figtree, 31/8/2014
  • Loved it! Woke up the next morning wanting to float again!!

    Claudia, Cordeaux Heights, 16/7/2014
  • Megan was so kind and friendly and the whole experience was just amazing. Definitely found the float to be an undescribable experience and highly recommend it to everyone.

    Melanie, Albion Park, 15/7/2014
  • I found my totem spirit.

    John Butler www.johnbutlertrio.com
  • The most amazing experience. Mind, body and soul totally refreshed and reconnected after just one float. Thank you Cocoon Floatation- I will be back next week!

    Bianca, Gerringong, 24/6/2014
  • Great service, great recovery, best I’ve ever had. Looking forward to regular floats!

    Alex, North Wollongong, 12/6/14
  • Megan, your kind, calming and personal approach to this whole experience just takes it to another level. I cannot wait for my next float with you guys now that I know what to expect. Exceptional service and an eye opening experience.

    Nicole, Woonona, 2/6/14
  • The most amazing spiritual experience I have had, cannot wait to come back, such lovely and friendly staff. Cocoon floatation is another world. Absolutely beautiful

    Nicole, Albion Park, 25/5/14
  • A fantastic first experience and I’ve already booked for more. If you are wondering, it is a very professional set up, very relaxing and very very clean. Also with top rate customer service. I now have a mission of trying to get my fellow work mates from Canberra to make the trip as I did. […]

    Rod, Canberra, 25/5/14
  • It was a great experience and I’ll definitely be back – I’m still on a high!

    Kate, Wollongong, 17/5/2014
  • Words can’t describe.

    Allison, St Leonards, 28/4/2014
  • My mum and I thoroughly enjoyed our first float today! It was so relaxing and you feel great afterwards! I would highly recommend it to anyone. The service was awesome and Megan is very friendly and makes you feel welcome.

    Gemma, Figtree, 4/4/14
  • Great experience. Will definitely go again. Hard to describe the sensation but relaxing. Lovely surroundings & Megan makes you feel comfortable.

    Debbie, Dapto, 15/3/2014